Time For Music!

The traditonal argos in Cappadocia - Klasik Keyifler summer concerts taking place every year in the two thousand years old monastery church Bezirhane are set for August this year. Book your place for the enchanting melodies…

August 5th; Reflecting Goethe
Ellen Jewett (violin) Jerfi Aji (piano), Indira Rahmatulla

August 6th; 7 Composers- 7 Countries
Borusan Quartet

August 7th; Hungarian Rhapsody
Marta Gulyas and Birsen Ulucan, piano; Ozcan Ulucan, violin

August 8th; 100 Years with Le Sacre
Jerfi Aji and Cagdas Ozkan, piano
Ayşen Ulucan, violin and Cem Onurturk, flute