From Our Garden to Your Table.
Argos 360
Argos 360
From Our Garden to Your Table.

We value our vineyards and gardens, and agriculture. The vegetables grown in our garden with good agricultural practices are among the prized ingredients of our dishes. The fruits picked from 1800 trees in our garden are dried, preserved inside the oldest storage places in the region, namely fairy chimneys, and served to your rooms...

We serve them when they are at their freshest or as jam and sauce. You can also get information from the Argos in Cappadocia concierge team to attend the cooking workshop where you use the produce you harvest from our garden.

The horticultural activities at Argos in Cappadocia follow sustainable agriculture practices.

All of the produce we grow are organic.

You can harvest the produce used in our cooking workshops yourself in their season and use them in our local culinary workshops to cook. Do not forget to get information from our concierge team about the cooking workshops.

From delicious jams that bring color to your breakfast table to a wide variety of dried produce that you can enjoy at any time during the year... We make sure to never miss an opportunity to bring all that Anatolia has to offer to your table. We follow clean agriculture practices and recycle rain water in doing so, respecting nature.


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