A journey into the heart of Anatolia with Nahita…

A journey into the heart of Anatolia with Nahita…

Inspired and nourished by its Anatolian roots, respectful of its geography, history, and cultural continuity, Nahita, the new star of Anatolian cuisine, harbors the mindfulness that lacks in the new world. Nahita’s “good” sense and approach is reflected throughout its philosophy, narrative, service, and dishes.

Nahita’s inherit ties to Cappadocia, home to one of the oldest human settlements in history, and Anatolia, where the world's earliest teachings originated, the first clay pots were created, copper was processed, agriculture and farming were established, tables were set to share meals, and the “major transformation" of humanity begun, is reflected in its location at the heart of Anatolia.

Dinner Menu

Nahita promises guests a journey where they can reconnect with nature and culture to experience the regional heritage. From the perspective of cultural heritage, Nahita adopts the principle of maintaining Anatolian culture in a waste-free environment.

Nahita’s menu is curated through produce from an area of 60 km diameters, where most significant Neolithic Age settlements can be found. Cappadocia, one of the few areas where life has uninterruptedly persisted for around 11 thousand years, is among the most outstanding examples of this period, when social order was altered, and urbanized life started.

Contributing to natural cycles with a sustainability story stemming from its roots; Nahita approaches the concept of sustainability through Anatolian tradition. Nahita vows to adopt and continue the traditional Anatolian principle to exclude waste, approaching sustainability from a cultural heritage perspective.

In a unique land that was created over millions of years, Nahita Dokya wines made from grapes cultivated from volcanically fertilized Anatolian soil and Nahita’s signature cocktails await on a terrace that opens a gateway to history from Guvercinlik Valley to Erciyes Mountain…

A unique culinary experience offering one the world’s most ancient views while harboring the teachings of Anatolia, Nahita invites you on a journey to become part of history.


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