"The Prime Location to Spend the Day!"
Argos 360
Argos 360
"The Prime Location to Spend the Day!"

From a cup of Turkish coffee after breakfast to a soothing afternoon tea, cocktails that will cool you down on hot summer days to drinks that will set your veins on fire on cold winter days, Argos in Cappadocia's wide-ranging beverage options are at your service all day long.

You can also get detailed information about our wine cellar, awarded by Wine Spectator, from our bar staff and sommeliers in the cellar.


You are invited for a cup of coffee after breakfast, an afternoon drink or to enjoy the place all day long.

From comforting herbal teas to drinks that will set your veins on fire...

Seki Lounge is one of the places where almost all our guests who visit Argos in Cappadocia spend most of their time. With an architectural language that perfectly incorporates stone and wood, a high ceiling and a unique view, it is designed for you to spend the whole day at the comfort of your home. Enjoying fresh air on its terrace or losing the track of time as you sit and talk by the fireplaces are the essentials of Seki Lounge...


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