Venues Immersed in History!

The places once frequented by Silk Road travelers, monks who dwelt in Cappadocia and linseed workers who made a living on seeds and oil were brought back to life with the restoration of Argos in Cappadocia and transformed into award-winning event venues. A different experience awaits you in each of these mystical venues that come with a unique story and that will help you host a meeting, conference, concert, art event or celebration beyond expectations.

Bezirhane (Linseed Oil Mill)

Previously used to produce linseed oil, Bezirhane has served various purposes in its 2,000-year history, from a monastery to a caravansary, and is now used as a venue for concerts, exhibitions, talks and gatherings with its impressive acoustics.

Museum Hall

As its name suggests, it is a hall that can be used both as a museum and for various other purposes. Museum Hall is one of the places that Argos in Cappadocia has restored back to its old prime. The mill housing, ceramic jars and mule tracks of an ancient horse-powered linseed oil mill are exhibited on the floor of the Museum Hall. The Museum Hall can be used for many purposes, from dinner parties to shows. The Museum Hall, which exhibits the traces of history with a modern design while keeping a fading memory alive, and the two large suites connected by a bridge on the upper floor were recognized by the Chamber of Architects with the 'Building Protection Award’.


The Chapel is also one of the historical places Argos in Cappadocia brought back to life. Having served monks thousands of years ago as a place of worship, The Chapel, which came to be used for different purposes by locals over time, is regarded as one of Turkey's most impressive event venues today.


Perhaps one of the most special venues Argos in Cappadocia features is Monks. Built on the terraces on the slopes which gave its name to our restaurant Seki, Monks offers a breathtaking view of Cappadocia and the fairy chimneys. Moreover, it is a unique place for birthday parties or celebrating a special day with your close friends on its lush green grass – a rare sight to see in the region.


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