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Elevate Your Gatherings: Tailored Experiences for Group Special Events at Argos in Cappadocia

Are you looking for a special place to celebrate a new age, job, a new year…? Or ask that very special question to be answered as “Yes!”...


Marriage Proposal

A relationship where the question “Will you marry me?” will be answered as “Yes!” is a relationship that defies all boundaries. But we are confident that Argos in Cappadocia offers the best setting for a fairy tale marriage proposal. Check out our marriage proposal package that we have prepared specially for you.


For an intimate, glamorous, memorable, and yet modest wedding, the team at Argos in Cappadocia, boasting the “Best Wedding”, “Most Romantic” and “Best Honeymoon” awards, has thought of every minute detail for you, from your room to meals, cocktails to private transfer service. Check out the honeymoon package we have prepared for you.


Nothing compares to celebrating a new age with your loved ones at an unforgettable party. What do you have in mind to fill the most special day of the year with the most unforgettable moments? Would you like to have a long table on the lawn on our Monks terraces, a BBQ party at the Chapel or a cocktail party at Bezirhane (Linseed Oil Mill)? We are ready for all!


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