Feel Good in History and Nature!
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Feel Good in History and Nature!

Therapy Room

Located in the heart of one of the largest monastic settlements, consisting of thousands of caves carved into a rock block, Argos in Cappadocia’s therapy room enables your soul and body to take a deep breath with its holistic massage experiences.

Enjoy a massage in the unique atmosphere of a cave where you can experience the mystical spirit of Cappadocia to the fullest. This fabulous experience will provide spiritual and physical purification through professional guidance and touches.

Outdoor Swimming Pool

You can enjoy the astonishing views of Cappadocia covered in snow during winter and the mighty Mount Erciyes in the pool that is heated for you, or you can cool off in the pool as you take in the beauty of the landscape in the summer heat. Regardless of the season, do not forget to pack your swimsuit.

Outdoor Activities

Argos in Cappadocia will be good for both your soul and body with its activities indoors as well as outdoors! You can get information from our concierge team for numerous activities from yoga sessions where you can salute the sun to biking tours where you can explore Cappadocia, walks in the valleys delicately shaped by nature to Mount Erciyes ski tours for great slopes.


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