For a Cappadocia Experience Beyond Your Expectations...
For a Cappadocia Experience Beyond Your Expectations...

Classic Car Rides

How would you like to experience Cappadocia riding in a classic car? You can experience an unforgettable ride in a classic car starting from Ürgüp to Avanos, from the Three Beauties to the Love Valley, and take photo breaks anywhere you would like. Imagine yourself standing in front of a magical backdrop of flying hot air balloons as you take pictures with these classic cars... Now, smile!

Embrace the Season with our Winter Corner…

An enchanting atmosphere with warming fire pits and special winter flavors await at our winter corner. Gather your loved ones around the fire and enjoy the winter chill while dining alfresco in our cozy garden.

A Cosy Winter Picnic Experience…

Indulge in Argos in Cappadocia’s carefully prepared winter picnic overlooking Pigeon Valley’s unparalleled views. Treat your loved ones to a magical winter’s day with a picnic basket filled with special winter delicacies in a dedicated private area.

Savor a Romantic Picnic in the Glorious Argos's Garden!

Imagine looking over at captivating views with your loved ones in a peaceful corner reserved just for you… Enjoy the enchanting view over Pigeon Valley at the heart of an ancient village while savoring a picnic basket with a selection of award-winning Argos wines.

Sunrise Yoga

“Surya Namaskar”, also known as sun salutation yoga, is a type of yoga that combines rhythm with physical and spiritual energy and consists of 12 basic asanas. You can get information from Argos in Cappadocia concierge team for this yoga activity where the mystical winds of the ancient lands of Anatolia gracefully shape your body and soul.

Full Moon Walks

First Time Cappadocia

Would you like to explore Cappadocia under the mystical Full Moon that turns night into day? You can experience this breathtaking landscape, its valleys and more by walking as the Full Moon illuminates your path or by gazing at the surroundings from the hotel's terrace or restaurant. You can turn this experience into memories to be cherished forever by topping it off with the snacks prepared by the Seki Restaurant team and the products from our vineyard.

Local Culinary Tours in Cappadocia

First Time Cappadocia

Let's follow in the footsteps of people who used their creativity to come up with delicious recipes out of nothing, using what they could grow in the middle of the Anatolian steppe! Local food, pastries, dried products, techniques developed for different storage conditions and more. This experience, which is set in the charming Ayvalı Village of Cappadocia and allows our guests to take local cooking classes, is the one for you.

Cooking Classes

Valuing nature, production and local products, the Argos in Cappadocia team invites you to a cooking workshop where you will experiment with the unique ingredients Anatolia has to offer. In the year-round cooking classes, with special guidance from the experienced culinary team of Argos in Cappadocia, you can master recipes from the Anatolian cuisine or prepare any special dish you want. You can also harvest organic produce grown in the garden of Argos in Cappadocia between June and October in line with good agricultural practices and attend cooking classes with whatever is in your basket.

It would be wrong to leave Cappadocia without learning how to cook the locally famous clay pot stew (testi kebab), bulgur dıvıl meatballs or sızgıt casserole with eggs! You can use the recipes you will learn in our classes to cook those dishes back home and cherish the fond memories you have had at Argos in Cappadocia until next time.


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